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So much more than caregiving!

Miracles started with a single caregiver who has the highest of standards, years of experience, extensive knowledge with the most gentle and compassionate approach, creating the foundation of our care! 

     'I was inspired to start caregiving while working with physical therapy clients realizing the corporate services they were being offered weren't adequate for what the patient needed to thrive! Many patients and clients were not recovering from what ailed them due to the lack of support or the wrong "corporate" model support! I became very passionate about taking a holistic approach to achieve the best outcomes for those clients who trust me to do so.

        I had my first experience managing private homes that required private duty caregiving services in the year 2001. I had a Physical Therapy client that had caregivers 24 hours 7 days per week. My client suffered a brain stem stroke resulting in Locked In Syndrome meaning she couldn’t speak or move her body but was fully cognitive and had a better memory than I did! She was a lovely young woman only 42 years old and after having had the experience of caregiving and managing my father’s business and home due to a severe illness he suffered, it seemed natural for me to want to go beyond my duties of Physical Therapy. This happened about 6 years after I had been working at Health South Rehabilitation and had become a well-seasoned clinician.

        This role came about because every morning I when went to start her therapy at the appointed time of 9am, she was never ready for our work to begin because the caregivers were disorganized, under trained or under experienced and were not working together. I watched this as an outsider for over a year and in that year I would always think to myself how I would have the home set up for it to run well and for my client to be ready to start our work on time. When things became so bad that I couldn’t start the therapy session until 10:30am instead of 9am, I approached her husband with a plan of action and a care plan that would achieve the highest level of personal and home care for his wife. I facilitated building a team with the caregivers that really cared about her, I reorganized her schedule, I educated everyone on proper handling of our client, and I engaged them in sharing their knowledge and experience valuing their talents. It didn’t take long before our days were filled with Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies instead of chaos, panic and stress. The atmosphere in the house became that of laughter and smiles giving pats on the back while helping each other with chores and tasks. Even though our client couldn’t physically participate we created and new level of independence for her which allowed here to live in her own home and not an often cold and impersonal Skilled Care Facility.

        In 2008, after reestablishing myself in our community, I had so many client referrals that the next natural step for me to take was to expand my reach by specifically training new caregivers with the philosophies, ethics, and practices that amazed my clients. I hired one caregiver at a time to fill the referral demand which gave me to opportunity to work closely with each caregiver intending on building a team of awesome people to be able to help others more. Eight years later the core team is still with Miracles and they continue to groom new caregivers with the ethics and philosophies that make our service stand out among all other caregiving companies!'


                                                                                - Rich R.